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Envive Reviews


Back Pain

When I came into Envive, I was experiencing upper back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, headaches, and poor circulation. I had poor posture with a hunched back and my energy was low. I had been experiencing these symptoms for 10 years. These symptoms affected my life negatively. I would wake up with really bad headaches, and my hands were always cold. I had mysterious illnesses that were hard to get rid of. I also did not have the energy to work out and exercise. After receiving treatment at Envive, my quality of life has improved. My headaches are less frequent and less intense. My energy level has improved and my circulation has improved. My posture has improved and my hunchback is almost gone. If I had to describe to someone what chiropractic has done for me, I would say that chiropractic has helped me to improve my health in general and my overall quality of life has improved.

– Scott

After two weeks of no sleep because of pain from my sciatica I decided I had to seek help. I called Envive. Shortly after receiving chiropractic treatment and physical therapy I was sleeping pain-free.

– Mary L.

“My care at Envive is great. They all really care. I am being treated for lumbar spinal stenosis. I had terrible pain in my back and down my legs. After several weeks of treatment at Envive, there was a great improvement with my pain and many of the other problems caused by spinal stenosis. I feel like a different person. I am starting to get out and go once again. The results have been greater than I had ever expected in such a short time.”

– Delores B.

Neck Pain

When I came to Envive I was experiencing severe neck pain, headaches, and stiffness. These are symptoms that I have had for over 20 years. These symptoms affected my day and my attitude and made me feel tired and sluggish. They also made it tough to get through my day’s work. It would almost get to the point of making me feel depressed. When my body is aligned, I can function a lot better throughout the day. I sleep better and my overall health is better. My day and attitude are a lot better and it is easier to do things in general! After being in two automobile accidents in my life, and playing high school football, it is easier to lead a productive and fulfilling life with chiropractic care. I do not have to rely on drugs or medication for my pain relief.

– Kent

I feel so much better these days. My headaches and neck pain are not there. I have more energy and I am able to start exercising again. I am more relaxed and I feel the care that I get at Envive is personal. I am not just another face in the crowd.

– Leigh H.

I never thought after years of having back problems, I would ever be pain free.  I have gone to many other chiropractors with no improvement, and then my father-in-law recommended Dr. Dixon.  I started coming to Envive, and within a couple weeks, I had less back pain and started feeling good! I recommend Dr. Dixon and his team to anyone because he does an awesome job, while the girls make me feel right at home.

– Heidi



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