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At our convenient Brandon location, we serve a variety of patients. Whether we’re seeing babies and kids or adults and seniors, we are committed to providing exceptional chiropractic care. From young parents looking to get more energy to active seniors who want to enjoy golf and gardening, pain-free, chiropractic can help patients across the spectrum!





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220 East Holly Blvd.
Brandon, SD 57005
Phone: (605) 582-3944

Noninvasive and Drug-Free

One of the reasons chiropractic care has become a sought-after form of health care is it’s completely natural. Unlike prescription and over-the-counter medications, which often come with side effects, chiropractic is safe and all-natural. And given the opioid epidemic that has swept the nation, more than ever, people are looking to get relief without harmful drugs.

Here, Patients Come First

Our philosophy at Envive is patients come for the right reasons-theirs. Everything we do in our Brandon clinic is focused on the patient. We care about you and your interests. Here, you’ll never be looked at as a number but instead a valued member of our practice family.
We make sure we’re connecting on an emotional level as well as ensuring we meet your needs with a clinical result.

Relax in Our Comfortable Environment

Perhaps you’ve been to other healthcare offices and found that they were well-clinical and sterile feeling. That’s not the case at our chiropractic office. Warm and friendly, our office is the ideal place to begin or continue your journey to healing and optimal health. Dr. Dixon and the rest of the team at the Brandon office are kind and caring. You’ll know you’ve come to the right place to get the natural health care you need.

Get to Know Your Brandon Chiropractor

With a chiropractor father, Dr. Dixon grew up around the natural healing profession. He and his family always turned to chiropractic first. Dr. Dixon’s brother and sister-in-law are chiropractors, as well, making it a family tradition. From taking the time to listen to your goals and interests to developing a customized care plan, Dr. Dixon will ensure that your needs come first!

Providing an Array of Services

Dr. Dixon is certified in the Activator Methods® technique. This technique uses an instrument to provide a gentle adjustment. He also offers manual adjusting. Dr. Dixon also has training in pediatric chiropractic care. As a father of five, he has a particular interest in helping children get off to the healthiest start in life.
In addition to the chiropractic adjustment, we can provide active care where we give patients exercises to perform at home. Electric stim modalities are also available to help relieve tight and sore muscles.

We look forward to caring for you and your family. Make an appointment today!