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Meet Dr. Cole Snyder

Dr. Cole

As a 5th grader with his dad as his homeroom teacher, Dr. Snyder was assigned to write about what he wanted to be when he grew up. “I wrote ‘a chiropractor’ and never wavered from that point on; I truly believe it was a calling from God.”

Chiropractic Education and Accreditations

To prepare for his career as a chiropractor, Dr. Snyder earned his Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Florida. His time in chiropractic college opened his eyes to all the possibilities and opportunities that chiropractic care can provide to help people.

In addition to his doctorate, Dr. Snyder is an Activator Methods® Advanced Proficiency Rated chiropractor.

Helping Patients Return to What They Love

For Dr. Snyder, the most rewarding aspect of being a chiropractor is identifying people’s problems and helping get them back to being able to do the things they love. “It’s not the back pain and headaches—it’s always more within the context of each person’s life and helping them through those moments.”

Placing a Premium on Compassion & Customer Service

Patients can quickly tell that Dr. Snyder is a compassionate samurai! “We are empathetic and act compassionately for every person that we serve. The samurai is a warrior, which means we are willing to fight for that human being to help get them the end results they desire.”

Dr. Snyder is also passionate about the customer experience, lavishly showing hospitality and creating an experience that rivals anything a patient has seen.


Restoring Hope & Providing Healing Help

Perhaps you’ve been down multiple avenues in an attempt to get relief from your pain or discomfort. You may feel beaten down and hopeless. Or maybe you’re a weekend warrior who is experiencing the effects of those high-octane athletic pursuits. You could be a single mom looking for natural healthcare options for your child. Dr. Snyder enjoys caring for people of every age and background at our practice. “I love to enhance the lives of others.”

Enjoying a Vibrant Family Life

Dr. Snyder grew up the oldest of three kids (two sisters) in a very wonderful, stable, loving family. He married his high school sweetheart, Kezia, in 2016, and they have three young kids: Roland, Calum, Quincy. “My family is my pride and joy, and my favorite hobby is being a husband and dad.”

You will find the family together, exploring wherever they can find and keeping life simple. Dr. Snyder likes walking, playing outside, and wrestling with his children. Quincy has now entered the proper weight divisions to participate! He also has a strong interest in fitness and overall health.

Rejuvenate Your Health Starting Today

Discover the difference that natural chiropractic care can make in your health and life. Contact Envive today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Snyder! He sees patients in our Sioux Falls location.


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