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Chiropractic Testimonials

Highly Recommending Anyone

I will be highly recommending anyone needing a chiropractor your way. I could not believe the welcoming, friendliness, eagerness of all of the staff….

~ Cynthia C.

Extremely Helpful

Very nicely organized office and all the staff was extremely helpful and pleasant.

~ Mary S.

Worth The Visit

The environment is very inviting, people approachable and easy to have a laugh with, and the customer service – everything taken care of. Granted this was my first visit, but as helpful as everyone was with me (and from what I saw everyone else there), I think this will be a great place to get treatment and make the process of healing well worth the visits. Thank you!

~ Jason S.

Dr. Dixon is Always Willing to Listen

Dr. Dixon is always willing to listen to what is truly going on and make suggestions to help relieve any symptoms that may come about when not currently at the office being treated.

~ Andrea K.

Very Very Good

I felt good after but very very good the following day!! Thank you for getting me in on such late notice & a Saturday to boot!!

~ Tammy S.

Thank you for making my first chiropractic experience a positive one!

~ Marcia B.

Amazingly Helpful

Everyone was amazingly helpful. I was in a lot of pain when I came in and the staff immediately recognized that and did everything they could to make me as comfortable as possible. I cannot stress enough how helpful the staff was. I was seen by a doctor in a very timely fashion, and Dr. Unruh seemed very involved with my care, even though I had a limited amount of time with him. Overall experience was incredible ( I have never seen a chiropractor before so I wasn’t sure what to expect). I will recommend this practice to everyone I know.

~ Daniel A.

Incredibly Pleasant

The staff at Envive are incredibly pleasant people. From the second I walked in the door, to the moment I left, I felt important and taken care off!

~ Amanda S.


I was SO impressed with your services! Thank you! I plan to be back!

~ Tanna B.


It was a wonderful first experience-thank you!

~ Tara N.

I Would Definitely Recommend Envive

Envive was a great experience I was a little hesitant to go to a chiropractor when I walked in to Envive that changed, when I walked in I was pleasantly welcomed. I loved the environment of Envive when I walked in everyone was super friendly and very helpful. I will definitely be back. I already have set up a second appointment and I hope to check out other services you provide. I would definitely recommend Envive to others.

~ Tricia M.

Very Personable

First time chiropractic patient and I’m not sure why I waited! Very professional staff and very personable as well!

~ Christy L.

The Best Adjustment

This was the best adjustment I have ever received. Thank You Envive staff, Dr Unruh

~ Paul S.

Professionally and Courteously

I believe that God guided us to you and I thank you for treating us professionally and courteously. The medical profession hasn’t been that way to us lately.

~ Harlan L.

Great Experience!

Great experience! I was treated exceptionally from the second I stepped in the door to the second I walked out. The staff is incredible and they do amazing work. I will definitely be going back!

~ Ashley G.

Positive Flow of Energy

Most people coming in for treatment either hacve some amount of discomfort or pain and have a “down” feeling.  From the moment you step into Envive, there is a positive flow of energy from nuances of the facility, to the care of the staff and to all the creature comforts of life!  When I leave I feel like I have been treated with teh utmost care and respect Envive has to offer!  I feel special and that feeling carries through into the rest of my day.  Thank you for caring in all the ways you do!!

~ Kristi F.


Best Chiropractic Experience

Best chiropractor experience I’ve ever had in my life. I’ve already recommended you to everybody I know.

~ Brittney F.

They Take Chiropractic to a New Level

Great first experience, they take chiropractic to a new level that I have never experienced prior with other clinics, I would highly recommend them.

~ Jeff A.

Highly Recommend

I highly recommend Envive to any and all of my friends and family. All the staff are very interested in how I’m doing and helpful when I set up appointments.

~ Judy N.


My first appointment was years ago. It had an emergency, and Nathan handled it extremely well. My wife and I have been going to Envive for years, and we feel it is the BEST that we can get.

~ Dan P.

I felt so much better

Dr. Sara listened to me when I explained what discomfort I was in and the muscles involved. She treated me with respect and kindness. I will definitely see her again soon because I felt so much better after being treated by her.

~ Deb M.


Dr. Dixon is wonderful. He is very good at his job and has helped me every time I have been in there.

~ Deb L.

Highly Recommend

Great experience for our whole family! Highly recommend!

~ Karrie S.

Enjoyable Experience

The way all of the staff cares for the patient makes it personal and allows for a VERY enjoyable experience.

~ Kristi F.

Feeling Better

Really love that place and I am glad to be feeling better!

~ Jessica A.

Tranquil Package

Positive, kind, and upbeat atmosphere and staff in a very neat, clean, and calming facility with high energy in a tranquil package.

~ Charlene H.

Great Experience

The Envive experience thus far has been great! I’m really impressed with the atmosphere and the environment, but probably more impressed with how friendly the staff is; the people working at Envive definitely seem like they enjoy waking up each morning and look forward in going to work. I have known Nathan for 30+ years and he and his staff are doing things right.

~ David K.

Gracious And Knowledgeable

Wonderful service all around. Very gracious and knowledgeable staff and doctors.

~ Kirk F.

Very Kind

Very kind and helpful staff. I am getting help with my hip, knee, and foot after going to several other doctors who didn’t help me. Dr. Unruh treats all the parts that work together to promote healing and relief from pain. I am finally getting the help I have been trying to get since August of 2013. Thank you Envive!

~ Leann F.


Envive was the only place that would see me on a Saturday and the care that I received was excellent! I was very impressed with the facility, the staff and the treatment! I would definitely recommend Envive to anyone! They truly were focused on making me comfortable and leaving feeling relieved!

~ Jared S.


Very friendly and Nathan was so kind and made me feel like he had all the time in the world to explain my condition. He also explained my MRI to me in simple terms that even I could understand. I really was impressed with his concern and time taken with me.

~ Debbie P.

Exceptional Patient Experience

“I had an exceptional patient experience! Both my daughter and I were greeted by name when we first walked in for our appointments. The office environment was very warm and everyone was friendly. As I was having a scan performed on my spine before my adjustment Sara played and read books with my daughter. Dr. Malchow adjusted both my 16 month old daughter and myself. I appreciated that Dr. Malchow was skilled in different adjusting techniques. I preferred more of a manual method for myself and the activator method of adjusting for my daughter and Dr. Malchow was able to accommodate both our our needs. We both responded favorably to our treatments. As we were leaving, one of the girls on the Envive care team opened the door for us and thanked us for choosing Envive. I would definitely recommend Envive Chiropractic to others!”

~ Rachael N..

Pleasant Experience

“I was offered an appointment right away after scheduling conflicts with my prior chiropractor. The staff made me and my mom feel welcome from the second we stepped foot into the facility. I was listened to and my needs were tended to in a fast and friendly way. I was shocked at how the doctor understood my problem areas before I even explained that I had them or what exactly what they were, displaying a beautiful knowledge and passion of his job. I felt at home and like a part of the Envive family as soon as I made the phone call to request an appointment. I am looking forward to my follow up appointment. Thank you so much.”

~ Sarah L.


“I had severe pain in my neck, shoulders, and upper back. I had headaches often as well. I have four children, so headaches were very unwelcome. I was breastfeeding my youngest so I didn’t want to use pharmaceuticals to control the headaches. The headaches have decreased and the exercises for my lower back have really helped also. Chiropractic is the first thing we turn to whenever anyone gets sick, or has trouble sleeping. It has been really beneficial for our whole family.”

~ Nicole J.

“When I came to Envive I was experiencing daily headaches. I had been experiencing them since childhood. My quality of life was affected because I was frustrated with daily headache pain. It made me crabby and made me feel like I was whiney for not being able to take the pain. After receiving chiropractic treatments I am now able to go a whole week or more without pain and I am no longer slowed down by the inconvenience of headaches. Chiropractic has taught me a lot about how the body works and the importance of getting and keeping it in optimal working condition.”

~ Sarah S.

“I first came to Envive in March. I was having intense headaches in the mornings. I also had a stiff neck and shoulders. I had been experiencing these headaches for about two months. It was difficult for me to get up and get motivated for the day when I would wake up to such headaches in the mornings. After a few weeks of treatment I was feeling great in the mornings, no more headaches!! The stiffness that I still had in my neck was getting better and better after doing the stretches the staff taught me. Chiropractic has really helped me out and freed me from the headaches and pains of getting up in the mornings. I would recommend chiropractic treatment to anyone with similar symptoms.”

~ Josey

“Following an illness a few years ago, I suffered from frequent migraine headaches, and the level of relief I received from adjustments and massage therapy at Envive was amazing. Envive has been such a blessing in the last five years. I cannot say enough about the staff and doctors. Always pleasant, each employee has made me feel welcome and they are happy I am there. I can call any day during office hours and I know that I will be seen that day, without waiting! For a busy wife and mother, Envive fits into my lifestyle perfectly.”

~ Renae M.

“When I came into Envive I was experiencing headaches and lower back pain. I also felt tired and somewhat depressed. I had been experiencing these symptoms for 6 years. I didn’t enjoy life as much as I could have because I was always tired, which made my job hard to do. However, I could still perform my job, I just didn’t enjoy it. I would also wake up in the middle of the night due to a headache. After receiving treatment my quality of life has changed for the better. My headaches occur only once in awhile, not all the time. Also, I do not wake up at night with a headache! Chiropractic treatments are great and have worked well for me!”

~ Selden



“When I came into Envive, I was experiencing upper back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, headaches, and poor circulation. I had poor posture with a hunched back and my energy was low. I had been experiencing these symptoms for 10 years. These symptoms affected my life negatively. I would wake up with really bad headaches, and my hands were always cold. I had mysterious illnesses that were hard to get rid of. I also did not have the energy to work out and exercise. After receiving treatment at Envive, my quality of life has improved. My headaches are less frequent and less intense. My energy level has improved and my circulation has improved. My posture has improved and my hunchback is almost gone. If I had to describe to someone what chiropractic has done for me, I would say that chiropractic has helped me to improve my health in general and my overall quality of life has improved.”

~ Scott

“After two weeks of no sleep because of pain from my sciatica I decided I had to seek help. I called Envive. Shortly after receiving chiropractic treatment and physical therapy I was sleeping pain-free.”

~ Mary L.

“My care at Envive is great. They all really care. I am being treated for lumbar spinal stenosis. I had terrible pain in my back and down my legs. After several weeks of treatment at Envive, there was a great improvement with my pain and many of the other problems caused by spinal stenosis. I feel like a different person. I am starting to get out and go once again. The results have been greater than I had ever expected in such a short time.”

~ Delores B.


“When I came to Envive I was experiencing severe neck pain, headaches and stiffness. These are symptoms that I have had for over 20 years. These symptoms affected my day and my attitude, and made me feel tired and sluggish. They also made it tough to get through my day’s work. It would almost get to the point of making me feel depressed. When my body is aligned, I can function a lot better throughout the day. I sleep better and my overall health is better. My day and attitude are a lot better and it is easier to do things in general! After being in two automobile accidents in my life, and playing high school football, it is easier to lead a productive and fulfilling life with chiropractic care. I do not have to rely on drugs or medication for my pain relief.”

~ Kent

“I feel so much better these days. My headaches and neck pain are not there. I have more energy and I am able to start exercising again. I am more relaxed and I feel the care that I get at Envive is personal. I am not just another face in the crowd.”

~ Leigh H.

“Your staff was the nicest in the country! I have never experienced customer service like that before!”

~ K.K.

I never thought after years of having back problems, I would ever be pain free.  I have gone to many other chiropractors with no improvement, and then my father-in-law recommended Dr. Dixon.  I started coming to Envive, and within a couple weeks, I had less back pain and started feeling good! I recommend Dr. Dixon and his team to anyone because he does an awesome job, while the girls make me feel right at home.”

~ Heidi