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Dr. Myles

Meet Dr. Myles Dixon

Located at our Brandon Clinic

With a chiropractor father, Dr. Dixon grew up around chiropractic. He and his family always turned to this natural form of health care first. His brother and sister-in-law are chiropractors, too, making it a true family tradition. When he was younger, Dr. Dixon was struck by how many people his father was able to help. “I still keep in touch with some of my dad’s patients, and even treat a few of them that used to see me running around the office as a kid.”

An Education in Natural Healing

Dr. Dixon attended Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, Minnesota. There, he put his social life on hold in favor of early mornings and late nights studying, graduating with a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Since then, he has completed a proficiency rating in Activator Methods® and finished training in pediatrics. He sees all ages of patients, from newborn babies to senior citizens. “I like connecting with people and helping them solve the problem they have.”

Dr. Dixon is always willing to listen to what is truly going on and make suggestions to help relieve any symptoms that may come about when not currently at the office being treated.”
Andrea K.

Outside of the Office

Dr. Dixon and his wife have five children, and much of his wife’s spare time is spent being their full-time taxi driver. They also enjoy being in the great outdoors going boating, camping, hunting and fishing.

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