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At Envive, we know the importance a good night’s sleep has on health and wellbeing. We also know that you can’t get a good night’s sleep on a bad mattress. That’s why we trust our sleep to BioPosture. BioPosture produced the Healthiest Mattress in America that has been proven to help improve your health & wellness while you sleep.

As a member of the Envive family, you and your loved ones gain access to exclusive discounts on mattresses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is adequate sleep important for people?

Sleep isn’t just a luxury – it’s a biological necessity. During sleep, your brain processes information, consolidates memories, and repairs the body at a cellular level. Skimping on sleep (less than 7 hours) can lead to cognitive decline, mood swings, and decreased immune function. Remember, humans are unique in considering sleep negotiable!

Are there specific sleep positions recommended by chiropractors?

While “anything but the stomach” is generally advised due to spinal alignment concerns, we understand changing habits can be challenging. Focus on optimizing your sleep environment with a comfortable mattress, supportive pillow, and a conducive setting for quality rest.

Can lack of sleep hinder chiropractic progress?

Absolutely. Sleep deprivation impacts your body’s ability to heal and recover. Proper rest is crucial for allowing chiropractic adjustments to be effective and promoting overall wellness.

How many hours of sleep is suggested for an adult?

The magic number for adults is a minimum of 7 hours of sleep per night. Consistency plays a vital role in reaping the full benefits of quality rest.

How many hours of sleep is suggested for a child?

Kids need ample sleep to support their growth and development. Surprisingly, children up to age 18 thrive on 10+ hours of sleep per night. Let them snooze – it’s critical for their well-being and vitality.


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