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I had severe pain in my neck, shoulders, and upper back. I had headaches often as well. I have four children, so headaches were very unwelcome. I was breastfeeding my youngest so I didn’t want to use pharmaceuticals to control the headaches. The headaches have decreased and the exercises for my lower back have really helped also. Chiropractic is the first thing we turn to whenever anyone gets sick, or has trouble sleeping. It has been really beneficial for our whole family.

– Nicole J.

“When I came to Envive I was experiencing daily headaches. I had been experiencing them since childhood. My quality of life was affected because I was frustrated with daily headache pain. It made me crabby and made me feel like I was whiney for not being able to take the pain. After receiving chiropractic treatments I am now able to go a whole week or more without pain and I am no longer slowed down by the inconvenience of headaches. Chiropractic has taught me a lot about how the body works and the importance of getting and keeping it in optimal working condition.”

– Sarah S.

I first came to Envive in March. I was having intense headaches in the mornings. I also had a stiff neck and shoulders. I had been experiencing these headaches for about two months. It was difficult for me to get up and get motivated for the day when I would wake up to such headaches in the mornings. After a few weeks of treatment, I was feeling great in the mornings, no more headaches!! The stiffness that I still had in my neck was getting better and better after doing the stretches the staff taught me. Chiropractic has really helped me out and freed me from the headaches and pains of getting up in the mornings. I would recommend chiropractic treatment to anyone with similar symptoms.

– Josey

Following an illness a few years ago, I suffered from frequent migraine headaches, and the level of relief I received from adjustments and massage therapy at Envive was amazing. Envive has been such a blessing in the last five years. I cannot say enough about the staff and doctors. Always pleasant, each employee has made me feel welcome and they are happy I am there. I can call any day during office hours and I know that I will be seen that day, without waiting! For a busy wife and mother, Envive fits into my lifestyle perfectly.

– Renae M.

When I came into Envive I was experiencing headaches and lower back pain. I also felt tired and somewhat depressed. I had been experiencing these symptoms for 6 years. I didn’t enjoy life as much as I could have because I was always tired, which made my job hard to do. However, I could still perform my job, I just didn’t enjoy it. I would also wake up in the middle of the night due to a headache. After receiving treatment my quality of life has changed for the better. My headaches occur only once in a while, not all the time. Also, I do not wake up at night with a headache! Chiropractic treatments are great and have worked well for me!

– Selden



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