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76 Hotdogs

man holding a hot dog with an american flag pick stuck in itAmidst everything going on this past 4th of July weekend – you might have missed a new world record being set.

Joey Chestnut, the 14-time Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest Champion broke his own world record, devouring 76 hotdogs. In 10 minutes!

If you can stomach it, you can check out some highlights here.

Who Does That?

76 hotdogs in 10 minutes. Who does that?!

Furthermore, how does one even stumble upon the idea of eating that much food in that little time? How can any human do that?

Well, while you and I tell ourselves we could never eat that many hotdogs. Joey Chestnut has never told himself that.

Self-Limiting Beliefs

The human brain is the most powerful computer on the planet. Nothing is more marvelous, powerful, or useful than the human brain.

The only thing that limits the human brain is, well, the human brain.

Self-limiting beliefs and behaviors are the self-imposed governor that we place on the engine of our mind.

David Goggins, a retired Navy SEAL, ultramarathoner, and author has coined a concept known as the “40% Rule.” Essentially, it’s his belief that the average human only achieves about 40% of what their mind and body are truly capable of. Most people, when they think they’ve done and achieved their best are really only reaching about 40% of their innate capability.

So, where are we going with this?

What is Limiting You?

At Envive Chiropractic, we see people struggling with self-limiting beliefs every day. We hear things like:

  • “I’ll always have this pain.”
  • “I’ll never be able to do _____ again.”
  • “I’ve had it forever, it’s probably just arthritis.”
  • “It runs in my family.”

It’s our belief that the human brain and body are truly amazing and capable of amazing things when given the opportunity. Especially when all the nerves in your body are functioning at optimal levels.

Whether it be through chiropractic care, introducing a new exercise program into your routine, or even dropping 10 pounds with the Envive Nutrition program. There are always options to improve your health and get more out of your body and mind.

Let’s be Frank

Joey Chestnut hasn’t set world records in competitive eating simply because he thought he could do it…However, without that initial thought and belief that he could – he would have never even tried.

So, what’s holding you back?

If you’re tired of living with pain and don’t know where to turn. Give our office a call. We’ll schedule a time to sit down knee-to-knee and discuss your goals. Then, we can discuss how you can achieve them.

There’s millions of excuses and things in this world that can hold you back. Don’t let your own mind be one of them!


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