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Why Germs Don't Make You Sick


Germs, what exactly are they?

Bacteria. Viruses. “Bugs”. Icky. Gross.

The truth is, germs are everywhere. They cover every doorknob you touch, every piece of food you eat, and they are all over the smartphone, tablet, or computer you are reading this on right now!

Many people equate germs with sickness. If someone catches the flu “bug”; they get sick. While this seems logical, we want to shed some light on this half-truth and ultimately help you better defend yourself against germs!

Germs Can Make You Sick, But Not Without Your Help!

There is some truth to the statement “germs can make you sick.” However, if this statement were entirely true.. We humans wouldn’t stand a chance!

Germs can make you sick, but only if your body can’t defend itself from them. The human body has numerous security measures in place to prevent germs from causing sickness. When our security systems are fully operable and running at 100% efficiency, it’s very hard to become ill and succumb to the germs!

This explains why if one person gets sick everyone else around them doesn’t automatically get sick as well. It also helps us to understand why some people seem to get sick all the time while others are rarely sick!

How You Can Make Yourself Invincible to Germs This Holiday Season publicdomainq-strong_arm

With the proper steps, you can equip your body with everything it needs to become nearly invincible to the world of germs! Here’s some tips:

1. Eat the Right Food
A healthy diet is the best ammunition you can give your body to help fight off foreign invaders. Find foods that are high in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and nutrient dense. The obvious answer here? Fruits & Vegetables! If you don’t like eating fruits and vegetables check out our Fruits & Greens supplement!

2. Get Enough Sleep

Research continues to reveal benefits of sleep that weren’t known even a few years ago. Sleep gives the body time to recover, adapt, grow, and refresh. There’s a reason you feel increased tiredness when you are sick… Sleep is one of the best ways your body can recover!

3. Deal with Stress 

Stress can make you sick, seriously. When the human body is under stress, one of the first systems affected is the immune system. Unhealthy stress drains your body’s natural ability to fight off germs and predisposes your body to sickness.

4. Stay Adjusted!

Chiropractic adjustments can boost immunity. By ensuring that your body is in proper alignment and functioning at it’s best; you can double-down on your body’s natural ability to take care of itself!

Cheers to a Happy (and Healthy) Holiday Season!

The Envive Team

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