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Natural Steps to Avoid the Flu

As the temperatures drop and the seasons change we are entering what many like to call the “flu” season. However, just because it’s the “flu” season doesn’t mean you need to participate! We want to help keep as many people healthy and away from that crummy illness so we put together some natural tips and tricks for you to follow.

First, why do so many people get sick this time of year? 

That’s a great question and one we receive often. There’s a number of factors that play into this; but, especially in the Midwest, here are some things to think about:The air hurts my face - Imgur

  1. It’s Cold..
    The cold weather we experience forces us to seek warmth inside. When this happens we tend to work out less or stop completely, we tend to stay home on the couch instead of going out, and all the time spent indoors closer to the fridge doesn’t usually contribute to healthy eating  habits!
  2. Bye-Bye, Sunshine!
    With fewer hours of sunlight available, Vitamin D levels tend to decline. Often times, this is the root cause or at the least a contributing factor to seasonal depression.
  3. It’s the Holiday Season!
    As great as the holidays are, they bring with them a ton of added stress! Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve… For many, these holidays include added travel, different time zones, different sleep schedules, etc. When the human body is stressed, one of the systems most affected is the immune system. When you’re stressed you can’t fight off illness and are more prone to becoming sick! 

So, what can I do  to prevent the flu? Peanuts Snow

The best way to prevent the flu is by getting your body in tip-top condition to give yourself the best chance. Give these a try:

  1. Clean Up Your Diet
    A clean diet is always important. It’s the most important when you know you aren’t eating as healthy as you have been (or if you’re plummeting in the wrong direction!) During the holidays, make smart choices and try to limit the number of grandma’s cookies you consume!
  2. Try a New Exercise
    Winter makes it hard to work out. Finding a new activity that gets you excited or motivated makes it easier. Also, doing something completely different works your body in new ways (ease yourself into it!) We suggest swimming, group fitness classes, yoga, or anything that you’ve been wanting to try!
  3. Make Time for Fun
    Seasonal depression is real and can really dampen your holiday spirit! Make time to do the things you love. Spend time with loved ones — don’t let the change in season hold you back. A healthy soul leads to a healthy body.

What can Envive do to help me stay healthy? 

  1. Come in and get adjusted
    Chiropractic care helps boost your body’s natural immunity and improves your ability to fight off bugs and illness. By getting regular adjustments during the cold, winter months you can make sure your body stays in the best possible condition.
  2. Check out some of our nutrition supplements
    We’ve got a section of our website devoted to immune-boosting. The products we’ve selected are great ways to give your body the extra boost it needs to get you through the cold Winter months. Immucore  is especially great for those of you who find yourselves getting sick every flu season! You can take it once a day throughout the winter and be amazed at how good you feel!
  3. Give You A Reason to Get Out!
    We’re located in the middle of beautiful Downtown Sioux Falls! Come say hi, grab some coffee, and head out to a nice dinner or evening of fun. The Falls are beautiful when they light up for the Winter! We want you to enjoy everyday, and we’d love to help anyway we can.



Sending love this Holiday Season!

Your Envive Team


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