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Do you remember playing hide and seek as a kid?

Baby covers his face with his palmsRunning and hiding from whomever was deemed “it”. Then, waiting with anticipation to be found?

It’s a great game – but playing hide and seek as an adult isn’t nearly as fun…

Hide and seek as an adult sounds like this:

“I can’t do that anymore because of my _____ pain”

“I used to do ______ but I just can’t anymore because of ______.”

“I think I’ll sit this one out, my _____ just can’t handle it anymore!”

As an adult, you may find yourself hiding from pain – some days, it can feel like you’re just waiting for the pain to find you!

It’s time to seek a better solution.

Don’t let pain dictate how you live your life – it’s simply not the way life is supposed to be lived.

If you need help finding the source of your pain, we’re here to help.

Play the games you want to play, not the games pain forces you to play!

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