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Show Yourself Some Love With Chiropractic Care

Holding heartFebruary and Valentine’s Day bring forth a flurry of red and pink hearts, chocolates, flowers, and tiny cards with cute poems. We work extra hard during this time of year to ensure our kids feel our love and that our spouse or significant other feels our admiration. We can usually be found scouring the aisles of Target and Walmart, making sure the 20-plus students in our children’s classrooms even feel like they’re part of the adoration.

But we often overlook the most important person on Valentine’s Day—ourselves!

You know that saying we hear on airplanes, about putting the oxygen mask on yourself before helping others? It’s so very true and critical to remember this time of year. Self-love needs to be your priority, and chiropractic is one of the easiest ways to show yourself love!

Give Your Body a Much-Needed Boost

If you wake up each day and feel like your energy is depleted, you suffer from brain fog and headaches, or you’re under the stress of chronic pain or discomfort, it’s hard to be there for yourself, let alone others.

Chiropractic is an easy first step to take in caring for yourself. You can become the best version of yourself physically and mentally while under chiropractic care.

Following an adjustment, most patients report a sense of well-being or a feeling of calmness. Over the years, several studies have shown that just one chiropractic adjustment can increase the levels of oxytocin and cortisol in our bodies, which are love-promoting and pain-blocking hormones.

Think about what a difference it could make in your life when you begin consistent appointments. That might look like just one to two monthly appointments at our office, and they usually take just 10 to 15 minutes! That’s a small investment of time to feel the best you have in a long while.

You Deserve the Gift of Chiropractic Care

You can only help others and give it your all when you are functioning at your highest levels. Give yourself a Valentine’s Day gift and give others the best version of yourself through chiropractic adjustments. With a wide range of availability and three locations to serve you, you could be on your way to feeling great in as little as a few days.

Call us today at (605) 336-1188 to schedule an appointment!

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