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Spiritual Wellness

Knowing why you are here and connecting with your creator can be a big part of your overall health. How connected do you feel to God? Do you enjoy a sense of purpose and peace? Do you regularly study, pray or worship?


Today I will start my day talking with God. Today I will read from God’s spirtual wellnessWord. Today I will act as Jesus did. Today I will trust in God. Today I will have faith that it’s God’s plan and not mine. Today I will treat others as Jesus would.

Personal Declarations:

“I am living in line with God’s purpose for me. I trust God. I am a spiritual leader.”

Action Steps:

  • Study scripture
  • Pray, meditate and listen
  • Worship
  • Connect with nature
  • Perform random acts of kindness
  • Schedule alone time
  • Get outside
  • Journal
  • Set spiritual goals

Helpful Resources:

Holy Bible
“Case for Faith” by Lee Strobel
“Case for Christ” by Lee Strobel
“In the Grip of Grace” by Max Lucado
“God’s Way is the Best Way” by Zig Ziglar
“Building a Better You” by Nathan Unruh

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