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Social Wellness

It’s healthy to be around other people. Relationships are growth opportunities and can come with conflict and challenges. Change can be uncomfortable, but healthy. How well do you interact with people? Are you able to maintain long-term friendships? Are you comfortable in new social situations and in the company of others?


social wellness

Today I will engage with others. Today I will show up curious and interested in others. Today I will do something for someone else. Today I will reach out to a friend I have not seen in a long time. Today I will make the effort instead of waiting for somebody else to.

Personal Declarations:

“I love others. My life is to serve and help other people.”

Action Steps:

  • Introduce yourself to a stranger
  • Make a new friend
  • Look for ways to serve others
  • Ask more questions and listen
  • Help in the community
  • Go to church
  • Join a social club or service organization

Helpful Resources:

“The Likeability Factor” By Tim Sanders
“25 Ways to Win with People” by John Maxwell
“Envive Your LIfe” by Nathan Unruh

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