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Physical Wellness

What is your physical condition? Achieving top physical condition is a process. It requires discipline and consistency and never stops. Are you drinking plenty of water, receiving good nutrition, getting regular exercise, and enjoying the proper weight for your height?


physical wellness

Today I will exercise. Today I will only eat quality whole foods. Today I will drink more water. Today I will stop bad habits. Today I will treat my body like a temple.

Personal Declarations:

I am healthy and vibrant at 165 pounds. I am perfectly healthy, strong and full of energy. God has given me the ability to heal and be whole. I am well. I am radiant, restored and full of energy. I am full of vitality.

Action Steps:

  • See my chiropractor
  • Preventative MD check-ups
  • Optimize my weight
  • Exercise daily
  • Improve my nutrition
  • High quality supplements with diet
  • Get enough rest and sleep (8 Hours)
  • End my addictions
  • Set physical goals
  • Increase water intake (divide weight by 2 for oz/day)

Helpful Resources:

100 Year Lifestyle” by Eric Plasker – Meal Planning Made Simple
Envive Your Life” by Nathan Unruh

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