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Family Wellness

True wellness within the family comes from time spent. Quality time. In a busy and competitive world, much of our focus can go toward careers, finances or other avenues. Are you in a loving relationship with shared values? Do you give your family time and attention? Do you have a close connection with children, parents and relatives?


family wellness

Today I will remember that everything I do is for family. Today I will attend to my family. Today I will love harder. Today I will set aside my pride and heal a broken relationship. Today I will forgive family that has hurt me. Today is about family.

Personal Declarations:

“I am an amazing father/mother, son/daughter, husband/wife. I am available when my family needs me.”

Action Steps:

  • Reserve sacred times with family
  • Establish a family tradition
  • Date your spouse
  • Heal wounded relationships
  • Have a family reunion
  • Say I love you
  • Set goals as a family
  • Plan a family vacation

Helpful Resources:

Focus on the Family
Raising Positive Kids in a Negative World” Zig Ziglar
“Growing Kids God’s Way” Gary Ezzo
“Envive Your Life” by Nathan Unruh

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