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live en-spired

What does living an en-spired life mean?

Each of us will answer that question differently, but one thing we will all have in common is the desire to be healthy. MIND, BODY and SPIRIT.

At Envive, we want to understand your unique situation and help you be the best “you” possible.

Live Enspired

The you who desires more energy.

The you who desires to live life on your terms and not be limited by pain and discomfort.

The you who doesn’t merely want to “exist” on this earth, but enthusiastically live enspired!

And at envive, our goal is to help you do just that.

Live a life of meaning, significance and purpose.

Consider the seven aspects of well-being and commit today to becoming all that you can be. Join us on the journey of a lifetime!

Step One: Complete Your Wellness Wheel

Taking an inventory of your overall wellness is the first step. Use the Wellness Wheel to identify areas for personal growth. Print a copy, follow the directions and rate your well-being in seven essential areas. Be honest and transparent.  It is also a good idea to ask those around you for their opinion.

Step Two: Explore the Seven Spokes

After you’ve taken an inventory of your wellness, choose one or two areas that need the most attention. Optimizing our well-being is a process that never ends. We’re here to encourage and enspire you with action steps and affirmations.  There are links to these action steps at the bottom of this page.

Step Three: Set Achievable Goals

Now that you’re more aware of specific areas in your life that could be improved, discover the art and science of goal setting. Join the ranks of those rare individuals who set goals—and enjoy the soul-satisfying joy of achieving them. Download and print “Setting Achievable Goals.”

Step Four: Your Personal Reminder

Your Live En-spired bracelet is a constant reminder of your personal commitment to personal improvement. It’s a daily reminder of the steps you are taking to become the best you that you can possibly be and Live En-spired!

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